Ordering Guidelines & Options

Before you begin ordering adventure with A.C.E. School of Tomorrow®, here is some important information that allows you to experience success from the very beginning. After exploring these significant points, you can order exactly what you need, rather than guessing and having to return unneeded curriculum.

  • A.C.E. School of Tomorrow's curriculum is individualized. This means that its format allows students to be placed at their exact performance levels in each subject by means of Diagnostic Tests. All students who can read should be tested for accurate academic placement.
  • The individualized unit of student material is called a PACE. Each subject's learning material for one year is divided into 12 PACEs. The instructor will need to order companion booklets called Score Keys. Score Keys have the answers to the PACE learning activities and Self Test questions. The Score Keys also contain removable Test Key sections which the instructor maintains in a secure area.
  • If you are purchasing for an organization, you will be interested in the various Purchase Agreement options which include attractive benefits such as: Administrators' Training, Administrators' Seminars, Fall Educators' Conventions, participation in International Student Conventions, plus quantity discounts depending on the type of Purchase Agreement. Send email to [email protected] to request information on these valuable Purchase Agreement options.